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Become an investor

For investors interested in our projects, we offer the opportunity to participate in our projects in a manner tailored to individual preferences, as well as the possibility of the amount of capital involved.

The attractiveness of our investor offer is based on the fact that we purchase highly discounted real estate, mostly from banking sector entities that are in the stage of a very advanced project, and then resell the completed and modernized real estate in a short time with a significant profit. 

The uniqueness and advantage of our offer comes down to minimized legal risk and quick investment implementation based on our own and proven team operating on site.

Financing of projects is based on interest-bearing loans, classic investment agreements as well as by taking up shares in special purpose vehicles, depending on the individual preferences of the investor.

We offer our partners and investors a full range of information on ongoing projects and full access to all documents related to the investment being implemented. We carry out projects through special purpose vehicles operating in Spain dedicated to specific projects, while our operating costs are optimized by combining and concentrating in one hand the service of several special purpose vehicles in the field of accounting, legal services or investor supervision.

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