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Buyer’s Guide

  1. Documents needed to buy a property in Spain:
    a. Spanish NIE Number tax identification number (Numero De Identificacion De Etranjero). You do not have to apply for it immediately after starting cooperation with us.
    b. Only when you decide to buy and reserve a specific property, will we proceed to the submission of documents to obtain this number.
    c. Confirmation of opening an account in a Spanish bank
    d. Passport or ID card
    e. Copy of passport or ID card
  2. Purchase of real estate in Spain for a legal entity, company, cooperative, foundation. If you want to buy real estate for a legal entity, additional documents will be required. Their list will depend on the form of business. Each time we provide you with a list of documents tailored to your specific case.
  3. Taxes and property purchase costs:

The cost of buying a property in Spain is approx. 13%
Components are: 10% transfer tax
Notary fees, registration in the books approx. 3%